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Avoiding Dehydration After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Avoiding Dehydration After Gastric Bypass Surgery
After gastric bypass surgery, your doctor or dietician will tell you not drink any liquids with your meals. Normally, you will have to wait a half an hour after a meal to sip something, so it's easy to get busy doing something and forget to drink any liquids. You need to drink 48 to 64 ounces of water or a low-calorie beverage each day to avoid dehydration so keep a variety of drinks handy. Choose liquid refreshments that you will enjoy sipping slowly, since you'll have to take your time slowly sipping your beverage.

Following your recommended diet is challenging, especially if you are used to quick meals on the go. You are a busy person, however, sticking to your physician's instructions regarding eating and drinking will result in long-term weight loss and it will all be worth it.
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