The Breakfast Sampler


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Oatmeal? Cereal? Eggs? Pancakes? Can’t decide? We don’t blame you, so you don’t have to decide. Just pick up our Hot Protein Breakfast Variety Pack for a sample of high-protein, low-calorie bariatric breakfasts. It’s a great way to taste all the options, and to keep from getting bored on your weight loss diet. These breakfasts come in single-serve packets that are easy to make.

    Sampler includes: 3 types of pancakes, 2 types of omelets and 2 types of oatmeal;

     7 packets per box:

    • Golden Delicious Pancake Mix
    • Blueberry Pancake Mix
    • Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix
    • Bacon Cheese Omelet
    • Vegetable Omelet
    • Maple ‘n’ Brown Sugar Oatmeal
    • Apples ‘n’ Cinnamon Oatmeal

    See individual products for allergens.



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