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"My hair is super important to me and the idea of losing half of it was just too much to even consider. I ordered 2 bottles right after my surgery and took 2 a day for the next 6 months. There was only a small amount of hair loss and I'm sure it was because of these supplements. Thank you guys so much!"

Jessica Solberg


"When my doctor told me about the potential for hair loss I was exasperated! At my age, hair loss was already something I was dealing with. The pills the doctor recommended were nearly $80 a bottle so I was extremely happy to find the same ingredients in your product — for a 1/4 of the price. A year after surgery I still take them because I have more hair now than I did before!"

Mary Ann Parker


"Even though shedding is more common in women after a procedure, I started to experience it 3 months later. I had seen it for sale on your website but again, didn't think I'd have to worry about it because of my age and gender. Boy was I wrong. Thanks to your product my hair came back quickly and I've got my confidence back!"

Teon Pai


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