Bariatric Fusion-Berry Burst Flavor Complete Multivitamin/Mineral without IRON

Bariatric Fusion

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This great tasting vitamin and mineral supplement was designed and formulated by a Bariatric Surgical Team to meet the needs of their patients who do not require daily iron or prefer to take a separate iron supplement. 

The unique formulation provides the highest amounts of what the team believes are the key micronutrients vital for weight loss surgery patients.

  • Custom vitamin and mineral supplement without iron for the bariatric patient
  • Designed by a team of medical professionals for their patients
  • 100% sugar and gluten free
  • Contains the most biologically available form of important micronutrients
  • No Vitamin K to interfere with oral anti-coagulants
  • All minerals in chelated form for better absorption
  • Contains higher amounts of Calcium, Biotin, Thiamin and Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12 in the form of methylcobalamin
  • 1 Bottle/120 Tablets

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