Jump Start - Orange


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Try our newest product AmBari Nutrition's Jump Start!

 This is an Orange flavored thermogenic antioxidant energy drink that was designed to provide you with the perfect amount of boost to get your energy and metabolism going, without the heavy crash afterwards.
This refreshing drink contains ginkgo biloba, B vitamins, and caffeine (comparable to drinking half a cup of coffee) to give you that extra boost to start your day the right way!

Enjoy one in the morning and one after lunch to help keep you motivated the whole day through.

10 packets/serving per box

Also offered in Berry Flavor!


1. Pour one pack of powder into 8 oz. of chilled water. You may add additional water according to flavor preference. 
2. Stir vigorously until dissolved and enjoy! 

*For best results, use two servings per day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Other Ingredients: 

Dextrose, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Guar Gum Powder, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, FD&C Yellow #6

Please consult your physician before using this product if you are under the age of 18, pregnant, nursing, or sensitive to caffeine. Contains as much caffeine as drinking half of a cup of coffee.

*Proprietary Blend 150mg: 
Quercetin (as Quercetin Dihydrate), Caffeine Anhydrous, Licorice Root Powder, Asian Ginseng Root Powder, Ginkgo Leaf Extract.

*Daily Value not established. 

**Please speak with your physician before taking any new supplements.