Kay's Pass The Peas Snacks (1oz) - Smoky BBQ

Kay's Naturals

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The Pass the Peas line offers high-protein snack packs in three flavors:
Maple Bacon, Smoky BBQ and Dill Pickle
Be adventurous by mixing up the flavors in a big bowl at your next party. These gluten-free and low-carb snacks are sure to make an impact on your guests. 
They'll never know that the taste sensation comes from chickpeas instead of fried or processed foods.
Non-GMO foods translate into natural, plant-based products. There are no manmade ingredients in these variety snack packs. 
Read the ingredients list to know exactly what you're eating – it's a short list that doesn't hide any chemicals or unusual additives. Any flavor of these low-carb, high-protein snacks will keep you happily satisfied.
You will fall in love with these snacks that keep you going well after your daily break.

1oz/28g per bag
6g of Protein per 28g
Gluten Free

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