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The Gastric Band Plate - Portion Control

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The Gastric Band Plate® is a divided, raised edge, portion control plate, specifically designed to be used by people who are struggling to control their portion sizes. The Gastric Band Plate® is very easy to use.

Each divided section on the plate shows images of what type of food should fill that particular portion. You simply stick to the type of food that's in the images, for each portion, and ensure that you don't go over the lines! The product is made of a very strong material called melamine, which is a porcelain/plastic blend, making it stronger than both options, whilst still being light weight and dishwasher safe!

The most common question we get asked is "do I need to have a gastric band to use this?". Absolutely not! In fact, over 80% of our customers have never had surgery! Many of our customers are engaging in other weight loss programs,  whilst using The Gastric Band Plate® as a little extra support.

Dishwasher safe

Not microwave safe