ProtiDiet Crunchy Cereal Caramel Bars


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ProtiDiet Crunchy Cereal Bars - Caramel
7 Servings Per Box

Ready, set....Crunch! These high protein, low-carb snack bars from ProteiDiet feature a crunchy caramel bar enhanced with chocolate chips. Then, for added pleasure, the bottom is dipped in rich chocolate! In addition to plenty of crunchy fun, you also get 15 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber in every 150 calorie bar.

Key Features of ProtiDiet Caramel Crunchy Cereal Bars:
  • Provide 15 grams of high quality soy protein.
  • Low Carb - 8g Net Carbs*
  • 150 Calories
  • Satisfy even the strongest sweet-tooth cravings
  • Contains 6 grams of Dietary Fiber
  • Low Sugar - 1 gram per bar
  • 10% DV of Iron per bar

* g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols