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*NEW* ChocoRite Salty Caramel Protein Bar


$ 1.49 $ 1.99


Meet ChocoRite's Salted Caramel Bar – a delicious, gooey sweet and salty dessert that will cure your cravings. These protein bars feature a layer of rich salted caramel topped with a delightful chocolate coating. And they come packed with the nutritional goodness of protein, fiber and vitamins.

Say goodbye to sugar-rich, carb-laden chocolate desserts. Say hello to a high protein chocolate bar with 1/2 the calories and twice the nutrients! ChocoRite’s decadent triple layer Chocolate Coated Protein Bars offer you a protein-enhanced, great tasting treat with an extra boost of nutrition. With all-natural sweeteners and clean ingredients, these protein bars save you carbs and calories, while increasing protein and fiber. They digest and absorb well and can be used as a quick snack or meal replacement when you are on the go.

Key Features of ChocoRite 34 Gram Chocolate Coated Protein Bars:

~High protein – 9 grams per serving

~High in fiber – 12 grams per serving

~Low carb – 2 grams Net Carbs per serving

~Low calorie – 105 calories per serving

~Sugar free

~Gluten free

~Maltitol free

~Cholesterol free

~Zero Glycemic Index Sweeteners

~Enriched with minerals and vitamins

 Add these delicious Chocolate Coated Protein Bars to your diet and you’ll be happy you did!

These bars melt easily