Trooper Increment Bottle with Infuser

Increment Bottle

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The Increment Bottle Trooper was specifically designed for use in rough terrain, on long walks/climbs/hikes or during physical activity, as part of the Himalayan Line of Increment Bottles.
The Trooper has been tested in the Himalayas, up to 6000M summits (19,685ft), whilst being connected to the side of a backpack, along with being at Mt. Everest Base Camp. The product withstood both freezing and warm temperatures and remained undamaged, despite extremely rough handling.
The extra strength cap on the top of The Trooper has a clip on/clip off feature built into with, for use with a carabiner spring clip (not included)
Material: Extra Strength Tritan Material
  • Hot Water Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Removable Infuser
  • Carabiner Spring Clip Supplied 
  • Volume: 800ml (27oz)

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