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Vanilla Proti-Max Anytime Shakes

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Have you heard the news? Vanilla has been declared the new chocolate! This is not so great news for all of you devoted vanilla-ites who supported this underrated bean from the get go. All the lazy trend followers are sure to soak up all of your glory and worse yet, all of your precious bean nectar, right ?! Maybe, or maybe all of this new found publicity has opened the doors to a variety of new and readily available vanilla treats. Why should chocolate get to wear all of the fancy and creative hats?

This shake is a front runner in the latest of trend-setting vanilla technology. Before, only chocolate could be shook. Vanilla is a sensitive and temperamental little pod by nature. Scientists found that by calming the bean with classical and operatic music before harvesting, that it was in a state more willing to be shook.

Guess the cat's out of the bag, vanilla is the new chocolate. So if someone says to you, "You're so vanilla!", you may proudly say... "Thank you!"

Don't be chocolate and order this shake elsewhere, where they ship it out when they get a chance. Bariatric Food Direct always provides same day shipping, we want you to enjoy your deserves as soon as is humanly possible.


(6 delicious Servings per box)