Bariatric Food


                     Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question, please email us and maybe it'll make the coveted frequently asked list.

1. How can I add to an order that I already submitted?

Once you complete an order we cannot add to that completed order since we are then unable to authorize any more payments to be placed on that card. If you would like to add to an existing order, simply place a second order, and write in the Order Notes to add to order xxxx or give us a call, we can take a payment over the phone or email you an invoice.

2. Do we store Credit Card information?

We do not store any credit card information once the sale is over. We never have access to that information. In the event you save your credit card information to our website for future use, we still have no access to that cards information. Your info is always safe and secure with us.

4. Where do we ship?

At this point we only ship within the continental US. If we receive enough requests we may change that policy.

Orders over $65 qualify for Free shipping to Zone 9 - California, Washington and Oregon.

Orders over $55 qualify for Free shipping to Zones 0-8

We currently do not ship to Guam, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

5. When I look up my Tracking Info it says, "This tracking number cannot be found"?

When a Shipping Label is printed to place on your package for delivery, our system automatically emails the customer their tracking details including tracking number. The tracking number can only become "active" once it is passed on to the mail carrier. So until that package is passed on and entered into the carriers system it will not technically be active or have any information to relay. However, being a relatively small, family business we make an attempt to get our customers their products as soon as is reasonably possible.


6. Do we share your information?

We never share your information with any other websites, sales organizations or the like. We here at Bariatric Food Direct are people just like you and find that sort of behavior wrong.  We only use your information in the event we need to contact you to straighten out questions or errors involving your order.