Insulated Shippers

Our Insulated Shippers help prevent chocolate and caramel products (bars and cookies) from melting. They also help keep SmartBuns fresh while in transit for delivery.
If you choose to order an insulated shipper, we will try to fit your order into the container but the container may not be able to hold your entire order. In that case, we will prioritize the items and place temperature-sensitive items inside first.

Insulated containers are $8.95

Insulated shipping may affect how quickly you receive your order. If you order over the weekend or late Friday, we may hold your order for processing until the following Monday to avoid having it sit on a truck or in a hot warehouse for an extended period of time. To guarantee that you receive your insulated shipment the same week, please place your order on a Sunday or Monday. 

*Insulated shipping may not be included and will be refunded if deemed unnecessary based on the temperature of the weather.