Outstanding! You've gone above and beyond this time. 28 hours from when I placed my order til it arrived at my door. Yowza! that's all I can say.

Tom-Rhode Island

Thanks for the extra goodies you sent along. What a wonderful way to try new things without having to buy them. Can't tell you how thrilled I was to get free stuff and so darn fast. Looking forward to doing more business with you guys in the future. Excellent customer service.

Jenny-New York

Can hardly believe it. Ordered from you January 9 at 7:30 am, got to my door by noon the next day! Had my surgery in December of last year and said goodbye to 138 LBS. I pretty much rely on you guys to get the nutritional goods that keep ever closer to my ideal weight. You can count on me to come back again and again. You guys are the bees knees. You guys lead the way in customer service.


Thanks so much for the speed at which you people get things out. I place 5 orders or so from another company and you somehow get my food out to me quicker every time. I cant get over how quick the stuff goes out and gets to my door, nice work.

Rose-Glenwood Springs


I simply have to tell you how great your company is.  I knew you guys had limited hours during the holidays so wasn't expecting to get my order til at least Wednesday. So I was amazed to find out I got my tracking number on Thursday, and got my stuff today!  So someone from your company came into work on their day off, packed and shipped my order the very day that I ordered it. Can you say customer service, look who I'm talking to, you invented it!


I need to take the time to let you know how thrilled I am with your company and every single representative I have had the pleasure to speak to. I live in Germany half the year, when I get back to the us and order my products from you, They're always big and complicated (sorry). Everyone is always so patient and go out of their way to make it a seamless and enjoyable process. My dad and brother also order all of their nutritional products from you (your welcome). Its just a breath of fresh air to order from a company like yours that makes the whole process from beginning to end an easy one.


First time customer. Quick and correct. Thanks


Superb products and lightning speeds out of the warehouse. I'll keep ordering so long as you keep packing em up.


Stan-North Ridge

To say I'm a regular would be an understatement. I'm pretty sure you know me by name by now. I definitely know you guys! I had lapband and now rely on the products you guys supply to keep me going. Love your website. The one time I had to call to get something straightened out Kerrie was more than helpful and over the top friendly. My orders always arrive fast and correct. I do like how you guys sometimes slip samples in with my order. The free shipping you guys are offering now is a stellar service. I don't doubt that you usually are getting only emails from people who want to complain and nit pick so I wanted to reach out and say, you're doing an excellent job, keep it up! 


Been buying from you guys for such a long time now. I don't know how I could be more pleased. Its a breeze to order, my stuff gets here so fast and all of your products are so flavorful...except for that one, thank you for discontinuing it, don't worry I wont mention it, just shows how much you listen to us little people. I've recommended you guys to all of my fam and friends. Thanks Bariatric Food Direct !

Betty Joe from Grand Rapids

Loving, loving, loving your site! I like the simple and easy to navigate website, I don't feel lost and confused like I do on some websites. Fast shipping, you have stellar customer care and loving the products you carry. Please keep it up!

Sarah Oregon

I just want to tell you about what a positive experience I have had with you. Great selection of things to choose from. There was an error on my part and you quickly fixed it without any questions. I'm sure you get this all the time but damn are you guys quick. I order and it seems like mere minutes later I get an email telling me that my order has been shipped !   You are the Supermen of bariatric foods ! 

Shirley from Pennsylvania

This makes order number 5 for me and I felt COMPELLED to write you and tell you what a fantastic job you and your crew do! You are the quickest from start to finish company I have ever dealt with period! Its literally less than 24 hours from the time I order until I receive it on my door! Please don't stop what you are doing. You've got yourself a lifelong customer in me. I scream your name from on high. I'm sure your staff is very nice, I have unfortunately had any reason to call though so I wouldn't know. Please just pass the word along that they are awesome.

Tony from Burbank

Saying thank you. You're the best. the service is stellar and spot on. I have lost so much weight thanks to your products. Deepest gratitude to you and your crew. Thank you!

Susan out of Texas

 Found you guys on the interwebs, must say I'm thrilled with every part of it. Like your products but mostly thrilled with your customer service. You got back to me and responded to my question so quickly. I really like how you send out a notification letting me know that my order has shipped since I work out of town a lot. completely satisfied and impressed with every part of your organization. Don't you do it...Don't you dare change a thing !!


Is it weird to say I love ordering from you guys and or talking to you on the phone? You jst make it so easy and enjoyable an experience. As far as customer service, you are hands down the best site I have every visited. Quick, friendly and always so professional. I hope you are proud of your crew, they are working very hard. 

Tammy from Cheyenne

 You guys are the bees knees!!  Never been this satisfied with customer service in my whole life !  


Thank you for your excellent service. I got my products in just a few days and I live in California. Its safe to say that Bariatric Food Direct will be my one stop shop from here on out and I'll be damned if anyone in my circle of family or friends uses anyone else !


Delightful customer relations and products. Very please you sometimes send out free sample for me to check out :-) Such a helpful site. I'm vegetarian and its so refreshing to have my protein packed foods taste so yummy!


Found you guys and you are going to be the only place I go from here on out. When you know, you just know.


Picked up the phone and ordered some goodies with the ever so helpful Kendell on Tues. Got my order on Fri. Perfect pack job, so much attention to detail. Happily discovered a sample of a bar that I now love. Much thanks, I really can't wait to order again. That's right I have no life, but I want you to be a part of it :-)

Cami from South Carolina

Post Roux en Y gastric bypass 5 years ago this February, I'm 52. I'm just barely 5 foot  tall, went from 220 pounds to 132 pounds. I really couldn't have done it without you! Thanks so much for your fast and oh so reliable service. The journey is an ever going one. With you on my side, I can lose!  HA !

Roger-White Plains

Gracias, you guys are the best! I've spread the word to a few of my friends and they too love it. Thanks for all that you do.

Ashley from Kansas

I'm here to praise you and you deserve it for these following reasons:1. Your food is awesome 2. Your prices are the lowest I have seen 3. Quick processing of orders 4. Tons of free stuff like free samples, free shipping, free AWESOMENESS 5. You always treat your customers with the up most respect. Please keep it up!

Sandy-New Mexico

 Wanted to stop by and give you some compliments. Got my order this afternoon. Im very much elated with your establishment. You are definitely my go to guys now. I ordered from another company and there was a mistake somewhere so the shipping company sent it back to them, they told me nothing of the error and I sat around waiting for my products, when I emailed them about it they finally fessed up and told me it was going to be another week before I could receive my package. Sort of glad it happened now because thats what prompted me to seek you out and I couldnt be happier. You are truly the best!


So pleased with how you are running things over there. Got my order fast and free samples on top of it! Oh and the samples were more than good. How can they make them so delicious while being high in protein and low in fat? The VLC Salted Toffee Pretzel Bar is out of this world! I've been using nutritional foods and ordering from different companies for a good long time now. To say that I'm happy to have found you is a drastic under statement. I will surely return over and over and well... over!

George from Salt Lake City

 Over the top you are!
Placed an order on Wednesday and it came Thursday! I know I'm not super far from you but that is impressive nonetheless. Your prices are the very best and coupled with quick turnover time. I'm a dedicated fan from here on out.

Jenny-St Petersburg

Just saying thank you, I live in the country and that makes getting out very difficult for me, thank you for making the whole ordering process so fast and easy.

Jared from Mississippi

Just cannot say enough good things about you and your people. I signed up for a weight loss program that uses your products and so I just cut the middle man out and lets say I'm saving some major mula now !

John-West Virginia

Thank you over and over for excellent customer relations. Everything is cheaper than what I pay at my fitness club and they come so darn fast. I am just so happy to have you in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my ever shrinking heart.

Gary-Virginia Beach

You guys are the best !!!

Norman from Tallahassee

Wanted to say thanks a ton load! Been uber happy with how you guys operate. Prices are better than any I have found here in Stillwater. Given your info to a bunch of friends who are also on my diet. Just passing along the good news.


Felt the need to compliment your shipping service, I realize its USPS that delivers so promptly though! Gave you my order on Tues and my stuff got here by Wednesday. I even get a tracking number which almost seems silly at these speeds. Time and time again thank you for your wonderful food and quick deliveries.

Jenna from Georgia

So grateful to have found you. I joined a weight loss program that was charging me an arm and a leg for my products. Your selection is so much more vast and the prices are so good, now I can afford to get into shape. Thank you!

Janet from Louisiana

Stellar Food, Stellar Prices, Lightning fast deliveries... Need I say more ?!

Perry out of Arizona

Impressed with your website and your selection of products.  Got Lab Band Surgery in September and just so grateful to have found your store. I used to have to switch between multiple stores to get the nutritional needs I was craving. Bariatric Food Direct surely has everything.  Pair that with super customer service and fast deliveries and DING DING, we have a winner!  I spread the word whenever possible. Please feel free to post this. I want them to know!

Henry- Los Angeles

 The time from when I order to when I receive my goodies is just amazing! You are rocking Customer relations. The foods and supplements you stock are top notch, at least everything I have been lucky enough to try thus far. If that's not enough you have the lowest prices on the web. To say I'm a happy camper is an understatement. Life long customer here to say, don't change a thing. You are perfect just the way you are! 

Billy-New Hampshire

Got my order and it was spot on. I completely, totally adore how simple it is to order from you and when I ran into a snag due to my own ignorance you were just a phone call away, and oh so courteous. A customer for life now, that's what I am! Thanks over and over again. BTW I have told everyone I know about you guys. The world must know!

Peter from Nantucket

I have responded like this to a company maybe only twice in my life, I just really want to let you know how impressed I am by your customer service department. You are such a kind an respectful business, who understands the age old and forgotten pastime of customer care. You have it down, you should teach classes to other companies. In all seriousness though, thank you thank you thank you!!!

Jermaine from Wisconsin

Out of this Galaxy! 
Here to express how appreciative I am towards you. Got my stuff fast, at the price I wanted to pay and no screw ups. Thats all i ever ask for in a business.


If quickness is the name of the game then you have the game down. Got my stuff in two days. Thats how you do it folks. And it was completely free shipping ! Out of the park!!

Corrine-Sue Falls

my products got to me in pristine perfect condition. Just thrilled to be doing business with the likes of you. 0 hassles, speedy delivery plus you always keep me updated as to the status of my order. Thanks a bunch


Right off the bat let me just convey I just ordered from you for the first time and I was floored by the speed with which it arrived at my door. I asked you when you thought you would be getting the new Plain Proti-15 Parisian Toast and you let me know to the day when it was to arrive. I knew then and there that you were the company for me. I am still thrilled and happy to be working with your establishment. How you handle every single order from me continues to let me know, there is no other online bariatric diet product store for me, period.

Stan-South Dakota

This will be a quick summary to let you know that Im totally satisfied. Every time I pick up the phone and place an order, Kendell is so courteous, respectful and patient . Just so refreshing to conduct dealings with a business of your caliber.


Dropping by to say give you props for your selection and to your shipping department. Loving me some tracking capabilities, I dont have a lick of patience. Just glad I found you in a sea of disappointments out there.

Linda from Trenton

Wonderful products at an unbeatable price, well thank you. Started out with Medifast but a person cant buy them and stay out of the poor house at the same time. Many thanks for making it possible to be a happier, healthier individual


Just happy to have run across your site, I'm already saving mountains!

Polly from Utah